University Retirement Plans

Questions about Retirement Planning 

Who’s managing your retirement account at work?

Who’s making changes in your investment choices for your account?

Who’s reviewing new investment options in your retirement plan?

Who’s making sure you will meet your retirement goals?

If your retirement plan is like most…it’s you.

We realize how complicated saving for retirement can be and we are able to help you manage your university retirement accounts to work toward your goals.  What this means is we can manage particpant accounts held at the major providers of these plans without transferring assets. We  advise on 401k, 403b assets of universities and non-profit entities to help you in achieving yoru retirement goals.  

Our focus is on overall Financial Wellness.  Many of these plans have multiple providers and traditionally employees at the plan providers can only help with accounts at each of their respective firms. We can coordinate those accounts with your other assets and choose from the best options available at each company. Based upon your specific objectives, we select which funds to use in what percentages, choosing what we believe to be the best from among all of the choices open to you. For example, if you have only provider, we choose from their fund lineup, but if you have multiple providers, and a spouse has a 401k at XYZ, we analyze the choices in these three separate retirement plans, choose the best, and coordinate management of the whole.
Periodically, we re-evaluate the funds in your plan and determine which funds we believe you should avoid and which to use.  Often clients have assets in different plans or providers and they are not sure what investments to use or how to allocate all of their investments to work together. We take a holistic view of these plans and make sure they are working for you. We provide a Wealth Portal which aggregates all of your accounts and allows for transparency in how your assets are managed. As the "quarterback” of family affairs we communicate and interact with your CPA and estate planning attorney, if desired. Many people have never coordinated their 401k, 403b, IRA and taxable accounts with a family advisor in this way.
When we help provide financial wellness they feel much more comfortable with their investing and have more confidence that their retirement dreams may be attained

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