Our Firm

Independence – Objectivity – Integrity

In a profession based on objective advice, true independence offers many choices intended to benefit you, the client. Choosing an independent financial professional is the first step in getting unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals.

What is an independent financial professional?
We believe Objective advice in achieving your financial goals may be best delivered by an independent financial professional. As an Independent firm we are business owners and have the freedom to structure our business in a manner that best serves our clients. We utilizes a broker-dealer who provides services that include processing investment business, marketing assistance, practice management, and education. In addition, a broker-dealer holds responsibility for regulatory compliance and adherence to securities laws.
Why is independence important?
Just as you have the opportunity to choose your financial professional, we in turn can choose our independent broker-dealer. We have chosen Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (Cambridge) as our independent broker-dealer. We believe our choice serves your best interests because we are independently owned and have the freedom to offer you objective guidance. This means we are not forced to sell proprietary products or meet any sales quotas. We beleive this is a benefit to our clients as we are not pressured or distracted by corporate interests and can focus on what is best for you and your financial goals.

Please call us if you have any questions about our firm or the range of  services we provide. Our firm look forward to helping you meet your financial goals.